“Françoise” autumn/winter 2004

This collection pays tribute to the French singer Francoise Hardy, popular during the 1960’s and early 1970’s. Her beauty and talent have always been fascinating.

Francoise was very feminine in a boyish kind of way; she had grace and an immaculate sense of style. She was the kind of woman who was intelligent and sensual, strong yet fragile. Her songs about loneliness and unhappy love inspired me to create this collection: it is naïve, playful and girly, but it still echoes of the melancholy of her music.

The designs are simple, minimalist and easy to wear, in fabrics like viscose, lace, wool, denim, printed jersey and chiffon. The miniskirts and bold graphic patterns of the 60’s are combined with beige, grey, black and bright blue. The typical A-line mini dress, jeans and waistcoats in rigid denim, and romantic chiffon blouses are all part of the collection.

Mother of pearl-buttons and checked ribbons are the only details added, apart from oversized fluorescent broaches in the shape of notes.

Photos by Jalle Håkansson