Dear Catastrophe Waitress a/w 2008

The autumn/winter 2008-09 collection is inspired by waitresses and old fashioned household staff. The name is borrowed from a song by Belle and Sebastian, and as the title suggests, the collection is built around a waitress’ strict appearance with elements of disaster and a lot of love and humour.

The uniform-like feeling is mixed with playful details: an oversized ruffle, a bit too large buttons, a fake gold chain or a childish print.

Central for the collection is the choice of materials, of which some give a lot of structure and volume: corduroy, heavy cotton and materials with chintzed or waxed surfaces. A heavy jersey gives a beautiful fall to dresses and tops, and a red-white checked table cloth print plays an important part in the otherwise limited colour scale of black, white and red.

The silhouette is very feminine with high waist skirts and trousers. Focus is on waist, shoulders and legs, ruffles and soft pleats are used to accentuate the curves of the body. Shapes of aprons, plastrons, bows and other significant details associated with waiting staff can be seen throughout the collection.
Photos by Magnus Klackenstam