"I would go out tonight but I haven't got a stitch to wear" - Spring/Summer 2005

This collection is all about dressing up and dressing down.

By mixing luxurious materials like silk and lurex with jersey and denim, the looks come out as a cross-over between evening wear and everyday wear.

As a result, the clothes are both beautiful and functional, and works as a 24-hour wardrobe. Whether you go out clubbing after work or if you go straight to work after a night out, you will never feel out of place. All styles can be combined into more or less party-oriented outfits.

Inspiration comes from traditional western menswear like the tuxedo, the jacket and the waistcoat, and by using less strict fabrics and styles they are reinvented to suit modern life. For example, a waistcoat-appliqué on a simple t-shirt. A fitted jacket has its lapels replaced by a tie nonchalantly thrown around the neck.

Pockets are added to a little black dress for a more relaxed look. Draping of an ordinary fabric like cotton jersey or using a fancier fabric in a more simple cut. By using contradictions, a dynamic atmosphere is created.

Photos by Rickard Sund