“Tiny Dancer” s/s 2006

Blue jean baby, Pretty eye, Ballerina, And now she’s in me, L.A. Lady, Pirate Smile, You should have seen her, Always in me, Seamstress for the band You’ll marry a music man Dancing in the sand Tiny Dancer in my hand
Elton John 1971

The collection is about music, love, freedom and the colour Blue. Inspiration comes from the description of the girl in the Elton John song, the music scene in the late 60’s, life on the road and the spirit of people back then.

The womens’ part of the collection is super feminine and romantic, although all garments are constructed out of sharp and angular shapes. The silhouette is loose, with wide and flowing a-line dresses and tops, combined with more strictly cut jackets and high-waisted shorts and pants. The menswear is a masculine version of the womens’ styles, wide tops and slim cut trousers.

Natural fabrics like cotton, silk/hemp and denim are used, and the dominating color is blue. Handmade chinese tie-dye is the key material. The details; ribbons, pockets and large simple buttons, enhances the feeling of freedom and comfort.

Photos by Rickard Sund