“PJ” a/w 2006

The collection “PJ” for autumn/winter 2006 is based on the artist PJ Harvey.

Androgynous or girly, provocative and uncompromising, aggressive but vulnerable - she is a force of nature. The designs came to life when thinking of Polly Jean Harvey, her music, her lyrics and her appearance. The collection is about contradictions: darkness and light, strength and fragility, the normal and the abnormal.

The expression is graphic in the colours black, white red and silver. The look is 80s’ and 90s’ – style, with a glance at the 50s’. Many styles are inspired by underwear, and the corset-cut can be sensed in some of the tops and dresses. Focus on high waists and sharp cut shoulders, combined with rounded shapes and soft pleats. Fragile white dresses and blouses with jet black details. Fragments from PJ Harvey’s lyrics are printed on dresses and tops. The materials are twill, tweed, denim, polyester, viscose and chiffon.

The catwalk show started off Stockholm Fashion Week in a parking garage beneath Mornington Hotel on the 10th of February 2006, were Ulrika took part in the“We Are Going Underground” exhibition, alongside other young designers of furniture, products and graphics.

Photos by Knotan