Confetti a/w 2007

Parties, Playgrounds, Primary Colours, The Alphabet, The 80’s, Balloons, Graffiti, Geometry, Marbles, Ruffles, Rubik’s Cube, Synthesizers, V-shapes, A-shapes, O-shapes.

The collection is a collaboration project with graphic designer Jens Schildt. The silhouette is inspired by the alphabet and by basic shapes like the square, the triangle and the circle. The main colour is black with accents of primary colours like red, yellow and blue. Rubik’s cube was another big influence. Ruffles, graphic patterns, broad belts, shiny black buttons and colourful balls gives the collection a playful and childish vibe, yet feminine and with a strong feeling of the 80’s.
A collection of only ladies wear this time, and the choice of material a mix of elegant fabrics like wool, chiffon, crêpe and viscose, and the ”daycare”-fabrics nylon, jersey and soft fleece.
Photos by Magnus Klackenstam